iSurance Flexi Term: Lump Sum with Conversion Option

Being prepared for cancer, heart attack, or stroke is important. If diagnosed, worrying about finances will weigh your family down, don't let it. Our Conversion option lets you en cash your Death Benefit amount at a pre-determined rate to pay for special care and better treatment.

In case of death anytime due to any reason, your nominees will receive the sum assured in lump sum.

  1. Can be bought by individuals between 18 and 60 years of age. The maximum policy term is 62 years and protects you until you turn 80 years old. You can choose to buy a term insurance cover from Rs.50 lakh, right up to Rs.30 crores
  2. At a nominal additional cost, you can take an additional Accidental Death Benefit to cover yourself
  3. How much cover do you need? Use our calculator to calculate how much cover you'll need to protect your family's financial future.
  4. Your online term insurance policy can serve as collateral for loans
  5. As per the Married Women's Property Act 1874, this policy is considered as a separate trust, and your wife can be your beneficiary. In the case of a death claim, the policy proceeds are received by the trust directly. Hence, the welfare of your wife and children is protected with utmost care.
  1. You can buy this online term policy though our website with just a few clicks:
  2. Get your customized quote ()
  3. Fill in your details, pay your first premium online and submit your documents online.
  4. Schedule the compulsory medical test at home or at a clinic
  5. You can pay annually, bi-annually, quarterly, or even monthly.
  6. iSurance delivers most insurance policies in 12 days.

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